İbrahim Çeçen, the founder of IC Foundation and Executive Board Chairman of IC Holding, has always acted with the awareness of education’s importance for the society and aimed to provide better education conditions for future generations, as well as support for promising students.  
The most obvious indicator of İbrahim Çeçen’s contribution to education, who led many initiatives to help develop Turkey, is the university established in Ağrı. Established as Mount Ağrı University Rectorate (Education Faculty, Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty, Science-Literature Faculty, Health Institute, Vocational Institute, Health Services Vocational Institute, Social Sciences Institute and Positive Sciences Institute) as per the Annex-73rd Article of relevant law no. 5662 dated 17.05.2007 and e-clause of Article 2 of Interior Ministry’s circular no. 2542, the name of the university was changed to Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University and came into effect with publishing in Official Gazette no.26290 on 28.08.2008.  
It was constructed by İbrahim Çeçen without a foundation university identity in accordance with modern and contemporary education infrastructure, equipped with all necessary scientific, social, cultural and environmental facilities, and delivered to our state. As a donation to the state, Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University began providing education in 2009-2010 academic year and currently has 7467 students, 275 academicians, 173 administrative personnel, 49 sections and 76 departments. 
Main campus consists of Rectorate, Science and Literature Faculty (7500 m2 total), Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty (5400 m2 total), Education Faculty (7890 m2 total), Physical Education and Sports Faculty, Health Services Vocational Institute, 3000-capacity Main Cafeteria (6700 m2), sports center suitable for basketball, volleyball and handball matches with 2 squash halls, a spinning hall (150 m2), gym (900 m2), physics, chemistry, biology laboratories with cutting edge technology on 3.200 m2 area as well as Central Research and Application Laboratory with the same standards, and a stadium (18.000 m2). 
In addition, the construction works of 950 m2 heating center, 350 m2 power supply building that can meet the heating and electricity demand of the whole campus, are completed and now in service. Transportation network in campus and landscaping works are also completed within the scope of infrastructure improvement project. 
IC Foundation has been continuing its projects supporting Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University since its establishment. In this context, successful youngsters at science, sports and arts are rewarded, academicians with internationally published articles are supported, projects towards students and academicians are organized, development seminars for academicians and vocational courses for students are arranged, students going abroad through Erasmus are supported, academicians’ books are published, job/internship opportunities are provided for students, theatre, folklore etc. activities of the university are supported and social projects for the disabled, children and elder are launched in rural regions of Ağri.

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